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Medicaid Planning

Few areas of the law are as complex and potentially frustrating as Medicaid planning and applications. The complex regulations and requirements of New York Medicaid are constantly evolving, making the risk of failure quite real. A small mistake can result in a denial of coverage, and significant financial losses. The legal team at Abraham Mazloumi & Associates has detailed expertise in New York State Medicaid law, guiding clients through the Medicaid application process and ensuring eligibility is obtained at a success rate that is unrivaled.

Our attorneys are experts in the Medicaid guidelines and their implications, and can identify the specific approach that your case requires so that your application is prepared and filed properly, and ensuring you a secure financial future. We represent you before the local Medicaid agency and we communicate directly with Medicaid workers on both the County and State levels enabling us to deal with issues in the most efficient manner possible. Our relationships allow us to have the Medicaid applications expedited and given the proper attention by the County worker assigned to each case.

Our staff makes themselves readily available to our clients if any questions may arise at any point during the application process. We establish working relationships with the clients and their families through every step of the process implementing the advice given from start to finish. With our help, you can approach the Medicaid application process confidently, knowing that you have the best available information, preparation and support from our team. 

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